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Ring of the Dove
October 28, 2010


Ibn Hazm al-Andalusī – On the Nature of Love

… Allah Himself says, “It is He that created you of one soul, and fashioned thereof its spouse, that he might find repose in her” (Koran VII I8g). Be it noted that the reason God assigns for man’s reposing in woman is that she was made out of him.

We therefore conclude that Love is something within the soul itself.

…Love, as we know, is of various kinds.

The noblest sort, of Love is that which exists between persons who love each other in God either because of an identical zeal for the righteous work upon which they are engaged, or as the result of a harmony in sectarian belief and principles, or by virtue of a common possession of some noble knowledge.

Next to this is the love, which (more…)


What we all pursue…
October 28, 2010


Below is an intro session from a past Retreat on Tazkiyat al-Nafs (Purification of the Soul).  The Shaykh begins by discussing “…the pursuit of every human being… from the righteous to the wicked… the pursuit of happiness“.

Words from the works of Imam Ibnul Hazm and Imam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimullah ta’ala jamiyun) on achieving true happiness are shared, along with the four root causes of why our hearts feel happiness (saadah) and the four root causes of why our hearts feel sadness (huum & ghuum)…

Listen here:

An excerpt from the talk:

Ibn Hazm was amongst an early generation who lived with and was amongst the aristocrats of his time, contemplated on the following –

‘i asked myself the question “what is it that each person – whether righteous or wicked – seeks?” (more…)