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Under Angels Wings…
November 4, 2010

Someone’s reflection on hajj (from a past winter retreat) –

Under Angels’ Wings

Can our tongues ever speak again, even one lie,

When we have spent one night in adhkaar under a Makkan sky?

Can our eyes ever be dazzled by dunyaa’s tapestry,

When the ka’bah has filled them with its majesty?

Can we ever put haraam against our lips,

When the fragrance of aswad from them still drips?



‘ilm is jealous
November 4, 2010

The righteous, wise and knowledgeable have said:

“‘ilm is jealous –
when you give some of your self to it
– it does not give you much in return,
but when you give all of your self to it
– it reveals the best of itself to you”